Castle Inn , Cardigan . Wales

As soon as I saw the old Hancocks Ales sign above the door I knew I was in for a treat. Opening the door and going into the left hand bar reveals a basic and unspoilt locals pub where thankfully little has changed over the years. The pub has been in the same family since 1940. There’s plenty too admire in this small room like the Victorian bar counter , the 1950′s brick fireplace.Look abit closer and  see the well worn lino ,the fading paint on the walls , a rather nice bar stool with an interesting back cover -  which just add character and interest a bit like a favourite book or album .. a little worn around the edges but still able to comfort and pleasure and most of all bring a smile to your face.


  1. Heinrich December 1, 2013

    A friend and I had a holiday of fourteen days in Wales, mostly villages and towns around Cardigan Bay. In Cardigan itself we visited five or six different Pubs but The Castle Inn was definitely the most impressive one. Not only for it’s very special appearing inside and outside. It’s also a different kind of guest you’ll meet here. Within a few moment we were part of the “family”. For us as tourists that was a very nice experience. A bit away from maxi TV screens on all walls, disco sounds (noises) from all corners, exchangeability and anonymity. Traces of time and live instead of chrome and plastics.
    Yes: it brought a wam smile to our faces.


    • Martin December 1, 2013

      Thanks for dropping by.
      Wholeheartidly agree that The Castle is special…all the better for its lack of modern gadgets.


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